"Divine Worship"

© 2002 Grace A. Washington

All Rights Reserved by Grace A. Washington

"Divine Worship" came after painting "Beauty of Worship", which was the first in a four-part series during my husband's overseas deployment after 9/11. The fear of losing him and needing to be a strong Mother and example for our two children, drew me closer to God. Time after time, I saw and felt His protection over us and His faithful guidance in my life.

I began to wonder how Moses felt when God first appeared to him telling him was was now on Holy ground. In my studio, with my praise and worship music playing loudly, my way of praising God was in painting for Him.

When we rely on God in the darkest of times, trusting in Him and being obedient to His Word, we cannot help but to praise Him, even through our tears. Praise Him in the morning, the afternoon and in the evening because there is beauty in our worship of Him.